the music

MeddyEVILS tracks can easily be found on 'JUMP & DANCE' volume 2 (CMRCD097) which features 'Ma's Place' (big coincidence.. one of our jam-night drummers turns out to be JOHN CAHILLANE ex lead singer of THE CARNABYS whose track is the opening number – jump – and – dance - and the title of the CD), 'GOGO TRAIN', doin' the mod, volume 1, '30 Brit Mod classics', (NEMCD 479) which features 'Place called Love', 'FREAK BEAT FREAKOUT' (NEMCD 952) which features 'All for you' and 'Ma's Place'.

Original meddyEVILS 45rpm singles are very collectable, fetching better prices than Elvis singles! At around 100 ($180, Euro145) they often come up on EBay and collectable websites. Check out 'meddyEVILS' on Google, there is always around 5-6 active pages, which include DJ, and radio play lists from all parts of the World. I wish I had kept a few more than the two copies I still have!

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In memory of Martin Smith who sadly died at just 49 years of age.