the band members

This needs some serious input from 'out there'! I have very little information about Tony Hole and virtually zero on Martin Smith other than he was related to the Tizzard family, prominent builders in Southampton – so if you can fill in some of the relevant information, let me know.

Tony Benson (aka Anthony Hole)

Vocals, harmonica and guitar. His family lived in Millbrook and his father ran the Ashby Youth Club where we rehearsed on weekends and during the day. Tony was one year below me at Art College as I remember. He used to receive a whole 1.00 more a week than us because he was married and had kids!

Martin Smith

Drums. (more info please!)

John Roberts

Bass and vocals. Born 21 May 1944. John went to Merry Oak School and then an apprenticeship in engineering. I started the original group 'The Skylanes' when I was 19 in 1961 and John was part of the start-up with his 'lovingly fashioned*' 'Roberts brothers' bass guitar. (*this is used to describe Brian May's homemade guitar!)

John joined with Peter Matchan and started 'Portsmouth Engineers', now using the acronym PESD, in c 1968. PESD is still going strong from offices in Havant. John is married (jo) and has a grown up son, James.

Roy Roberts

Guitar, saxophone, vocals. Born 16 December 1942. Bitterne Park Secondary Modern and Southampton Art College. Started 'The Owen Agency' ( HYPERLINK "" in 1969. Head office is in Havant Hampshire UK. Married and divorced twice with two grown up children (Matthew and Louisa).

I spend my work-time photographing yachts (and writing about them too), throwing large amounts of money at my boat (Powles 53, 'Sonnet'), playing my many guitars – and jamming at pub with old musical pals! My house looks like a cross between a music shop, recording studio and an art shop where I hang the paintings I have done that I don't like!